About Artemis Jones

Anne-Marie 'Artemis' Jones resides in Christchurch, where she creates handmade cosmetic and fragrance products, as well as various crafts in a range of mediums. 
Anne-Marie began her journey into the beauty industry at the age of 14, when she began working part time in pharmacy and learning as much as she could about cosmetics, skin care and health. After developing eczema early in adulthood, and having always been a migraine sufferer triggered by perfumes, Anne-Marie developed an interest in learning about cosmetic ingredients, and began formulating products for herself, which later led to products for sale. 


While at home with her son (now four) at the start of 2017, Anne-Marie decided to begin marketing her craft work, and later added cosmetics and scents to her range, and this led to a salon asking for custom branded products. 

Things have continued to grow quickly in Anne-Marie's business, and she now creates, and manufactures many different products for clients in the North and South Islands, as well as Australia, as well as maintaining her own range known as 'Artemis Jones'. These clients include salons, beauty therapists, health professionals, retail stores/online stores, and many more, in quite a diverse range of products. 

In 2019, with this launch of her new site, Anne-Marie hopes to take her brand in a more artistic direction, releasing 'capsule collections' periodically with cohesive themes.